A 4×4 relay module is a device that is used to control a variety of electrical appliances in a home automation system. This module typically has four relays that can be controlled by a variety of different methods, such as a remote control, a smartphone, or a computer. The 4×4 relay module is a versatile and convenient way to automate a variety of tasks in the home.

Other related questions:

How does 4 channel relay module work?

The 4 channel relay module is an electronic device that allows you to control four separate electrical circuits using a single switch. The module is typically used to control lights, motors, or other devices that require high current.

How does relay work in home automation project?

In home automation, a relay is used to control a circuit using a low-voltage signal. The relay is activated by a signal from a home automation controller, which turns on a coil inside the relay. This coil creates a magnetic field that activates a switch, which in turn controls the circuit.

How do relay modules work?

A relay module is an electrically operated switch. It is used to turn on or turn off a circuit by a small electric current. The current flowing through the coil of the relay creates a magnetic field which activates the switch.

How do you connect 4 channel relay modules?

There are many ways to connect 4 channel relay modules, but the most common way is to use a breadboard.


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