Home automation is the process of automating certain tasks in the home, such as turning lights off and on, or opening and closing doors. Atom is a text editor that’s widely used for coding, and Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that allows you to run JavaScript code on your computer. You can use both Atom and Node.js to set up home automation.

Other related questions:

Does Atom support NodeJs?

Atom does support NodeJS.

How do I run a node JS project in atom?

Open the project in Atom
Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P)
Type “script” and select “Script: Run Script”
Select the script you want to run from the list

How do I run Go program in atom?

There is not a specific Go package for Atom, but you can install the Go language support through the atom-language-go package.

How do I run a JavaScript file in an atom?

Open the command palette with Cmd+Shift+P (or Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows)
Type “script” and select the “script: Run Script” command
Open your JavaScript file in the editor
Click the Run button or use the shortcut Cmd+I (or Ctrl+I on Windows)


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