Modbus is a communication protocol that is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings for communication between devices. It is typically used for devices that need to share data or control devices that are connected to a common network.

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What is Modbus in automation?

Modbus is a communication protocol that is commonly used in industrial automation and control applications. It is used to connect devices and systems so that they can exchange data.

Which communication protocol is used for building automation network?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the communication protocol used for building automation networks can vary depending on the specific needs of the network. However, some common protocols used for building automation networks include BACnet, LonWorks, and Modbus.

How does Modbus work with PLC?

Modbus is a communication protocol that allows for the exchange of data between devices. PLCs typically use Modbus to communicate with other devices, such as sensors or actuators.

How does the Modbus protocol work?

The Modbus protocol is a simple, yet powerful communication protocol that is widely used in industrial applications. It is based on a master/slave architecture, where the master device controls the communication and the slave devices respond to the master’s requests.

Modbus is a packet-based protocol, which means that data is organized into packets that are sent between devices. Each packet has a specific format, which includes a header and a data section. The header contains information about the packet, such as the destination address, the source address, and the length of the data section. The data section contains the actual data that is being transferred.

Modbus is a very efficient protocol, and can be used over a variety of media, including serial, Ethernet, and even WiFi.


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