Osisoft is different from a building automation system in a few key ways. First, Osisoft is a software company that specializes in data management and analysis. Building automation systems are hardware-centric, and while they may have some software components, their primary focus is on controlling and managing the physical systems in a building. Second, Osisoft is focused on providing real-time data to its users, while building automation systems are more concerned with historical data. And finally, Osisoft’s products are designed to be used by a wide range of industries, while building automation systems are mostly used in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Other related questions:

What does OSIsoft stand for?

OSIsoft stands for Open Systems Interconnection.

What is pi system OSIsoft?

The PI System is a set of software products from OSIsoft that provides a platform for the collection, analysis, and visualization of real-time data.

What is Pi in automation?

Pi is a mathematical constant that is equal to 3.14159.

What is a PI system in manufacturing?

A PI system is a computerized manufacturing process control system that uses sensors and actuators to monitor and control production processes.


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