How much dsp does daw automation use?


Sep 25, 2022

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This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the specific DAW automation you’re using. Generally speaking, DAW automation uses very little DSP, especially compared to other types of audio processing. This is because DAW automation is typically used for tasks that are relatively simple, such as adjusting volume levels or panning positions. Additionally, DAW automation is often performed offline, meaning that it doesn’t need to be processed in real-time. As a result, DAW automation doesn’t place a very heavy burden on the CPU or other resources.

Other related questions:

What DAW works with Neural DSP?

As of now, we are compatible with the following DAWs:

-Ableton Live
-Logic Pro
-Pro Tools

Do you need a DAW for Neural DSP?

No, you don’t need a DAW for Neural DSP.

How do I get more DSP on Apollo?

There are a few ways to get more DSP on Apollo. One way is to increase the number of DSP chips in your system. Another way is to increase the clock speed of the DSP chips.


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