The Selenium test automation work in the Salesforce business analyst project is to ensure that the software application under test is working as expected. This is done by creating test scripts that exercise the various functionalities of the application and comparing the results against the expected outcomes. If the actual results differ from the expected results, then the test has failed and the software application may need to be fixed.

Other related questions:

Can we use Selenium for salesforce automation?

Yes, Selenium can be used for salesforce automation.

How do I automate a test in Salesforce?

There is not a specific Salesforce testing automation tool. However, you can use a tool like Selenium to automate testing for web applications, and this can also be used to automate testing for Salesforce.

Can we do automation testing in Salesforce?

Automation testing in Salesforce is possible using various tools, such as Selenium or Worksoft Certify.


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