The data flow between a marketing automation system (pardot) and a crm (salesforce) is pretty simple. Pardot is integrated with Salesforce, so when a lead is created or an action is taken in Pardot, that information is automatically sent over to Salesforce. Salesforce then uses that information to provide insights and create reports that help sales reps close deals.

Other related questions:

How does marketing automation and CRM work together?

Marketing automation and CRM work together by integrating marketing data and activity into the CRM system. This allows for more personalized and targeted marketing communications, as well as more efficient marketing campaigns. Additionally, this integration can help sales and marketing teams better understand customer behavior and preferences, leading to more effective sales and marketing strategies.

How do Salesforce and Pardot work together?

Salesforce and Pardot work together by integrating their platforms. This integration allows users to synchronize data between the two platforms, creating a seamless workflow between the two systems. Additionally, the integration allows Pardot users to take advantage of Salesforce’s robust CRM capabilities, while Salesforce users can take advantage of Pardot’s powerful marketing automation tools.

How are Pardot and Salesforce database shared?

Salesforce and Pardot databases are not physically shared. However, Pardot can sync with Salesforce so that data from both platforms is available in a single place.

How do I sync my Pardot data to Salesforce?

There are a few ways to sync your Pardot data to Salesforce, depending on your needs. One option is to use Pardot’s Salesforce Connector, which will automatically sync your data between the two platforms.

Another option is to use Pardot’s data export feature to manually export your data from Pardot and import it into Salesforce. This option is best if you only need to sync your data occasionally, or if you need to sync data that is not supported by the Salesforce Connector.


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