Logitech home theater systems are a great way to enjoy movies and music in your home. But did you know that you can also use them to control your home automation system? Here’s how:

1. Make sure your Logitech home theater system is connected to your home network.

2. Download and install the Logitech Harmony Hub app on your mobile device.

3. Open the app and follow the instructions to set up your Logitech Harmony Hub.

4. Once your Logitech Harmony Hub is set up, you can add your home automation devices to the app.

5. To control your home automation devices with your Logitech home theater system, simply press the “Home” button on your remote control.

6. Select the device you want to control from the list.

7. That’s it! You can now use your Logitech home theater system to control your home automation system.

Other related questions:

Can a Harmony Hub support multiple remotes?

Yes, the Harmony Hub can support multiple remotes.

How many devices can Harmony Hub control?

Harmony Hub can control up to 8 devices.

What devices work with Logitech Harmony?

The Logitech Harmony line of products is compatible with over 225,000 devices, including TVs, cable and satellite boxes, game consoles, streaming media players, and Blu-ray players.

Is Logitech shutting down Harmony?

No, Logitech is not shutting down Harmony.


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