How to use automation in reason?


Sep 24, 2022

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Automation is a great way to add interest and variety to your Reason tracks. It can be used to create build-ups, breakdowns, or simply to add movement to a static sound. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use automation in Reason.

First, let’s create a simple synth patch. We’ll use the Subtractor for this example. Create a new Subtractor, and add a sawtooth wave to the oscillators. Add a little bit of resonance, and turn the filter envelope up so it’s a bit more pronounced.

Now let’s add some automation. In the sequencer, create a new track and add a note on the first beat. Then, on the second beat, add a note that’s one octave higher.

Now, select the track with your mouse and press the record button. Then, while the track is playing, turn the filter envelope up and down. You should see the automation lane appear in the track.

Now, when you play back the track, you’ll hear the filter envelope move up and down, adding interest to the sound.

You can use automation to control any parameter in Reason. So experiment and see what you can come up with!

Other related questions:

How do you draw automation in Reason?

1. Select the device you want to automate.

2. In the device’s window, click the Automation button.

3. In the Automation window, select the parameter you want to automate.

4. In the main Reason window, record-enable the track that contains the device.

5. Play back the Reason song and move the device’s knob or slider to the desired value. The automation will be recorded.

What is automation in Reason?

Automation in Reason is the process of using a computer to control the playback of audio or MIDI files, usually in order to create music. It can be used to create simple repeating patterns, or complex arrangements with multiple tracks and multiple parts.

How do I record automation in Reason 12?

To record automation in Reason 12, you will need to use the Automation Editor. You can access the Automation Editor by clicking on the Automation button in the track header, or by choosing Edit > Automation from the main menu.

In the Automation Editor, you can record automation for any parameters that are showing in the editor. To record automation, simply click on the record button and then move the parameter that you want to automate. Automation will be recorded for the duration that the record button is engaged.

You can also edit automation in the Automation Editor by clicking and dragging on the automation curve. This can be useful for making precise changes to the automation, or for creating new automation points.

Finally, the Automation Editor also allows you to copy and paste automation. This can be useful for duplicating sections of automation, or for creating complex automation patterns.

How do you record reason?

You can record the reason for a change in the “Reason” field on the Change Request form.


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