How to use bixby to automate tasks?


Aug 20, 2022

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If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of tasks that you perform on your smartphone every day. From opening apps to sending text messages, there’s a lot that you can do with your phone. But what if you could automate some of those tasks so that you don’t have to do them manually every time?

That’s where Bixby comes in. Bixby is a virtual assistant that comes pre-installed on many Samsung smartphones. With Bixby, you can automate a variety of tasks on your phone, making your life a lot easier.

So, how do you use Bixby to automate tasks on your phone? Here’s a quick guide:

1. Open the Bixby app.

2. Tap the “+” icon in the top-right corner.

3. Select the “Create new task” option.

4. Give your task a name.

5. Tap the “Trigger” option.

6. Select when you want the task to be triggered. For example, you can trigger it when you open a certain app or when you receive a text message from a certain contact.

7. Tap the “Action” option.

8. Select what you want Bixby to do when the task is triggered. For example, you can have Bixby open an app or send a text message.

9. Tap the “Save” button.

10. That’s it! Your task will now be automated.

As you can see, it’s really easy to use Bixby to automate tasks on your phone. So if you’re looking for a way to make your life a little bit easier, give Bixby a try.

Other related questions:

How do you automate on Bixby?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Depending on your specific needs, you might want to explore various automation tools and services that can be integrated with Bixby. Some popular options include IFTTT, Zapier, and

How do you automate a task on a Samsung phone?

There is no single perfect way to automate tasks on a Samsung phone, as the specific details of what needs to be done will vary from phone to phone and from task to task. However, there are a few general methods that can be used to automate tasks on a Samsung phone:

1. Use a task manager or automation app. There are a number of apps available that can be used to automate tasks on a Samsung phone. Task managers like or Todoist can be used to create and manage lists of tasks that need to be done, and automation apps like IFTTT or Tasker can be used to automate specific actions based on certain conditions (such as turning on WiFi when you arrive home).

2. Use Samsung’s built-in features and apps. Samsung phones come with a number of features and apps that can be used to automate tasks. For example, the Smart Stay feature can be used to keep the screen on while you’re looking at it, and the S Voice app can be used to control the phone using voice commands.

3. Use third-party plugins and extensions. There are a number of plugins and extensions available for Samsung phones that can be used to automate tasks. For

Can Bixby make a To Do list?

Yes, Bixby can make a To Do list.

Can Bixby do routines?

Yes, Bixby can create routines.


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