Salesforce provides a number of ways to automate your workflows, and one of the most powerful is through the use of automation rules. Pardot’s automation rules are particularly powerful, because they can be used to automatically update Salesforce fields based on changes in Pardot data.

This can be extremely useful when you want to keep your Salesforce data up-to-date without having to manually export and import data between the two systems. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use Pardot automation rules to update Salesforce fields on the contact detail page.

First, you’ll need to create a new automation rule in Pardot. To do this, go to Automation > Automation Rules and click the “New Rule” button.

Give your rule a name and description, then select “Contact” as the object that will trigger the rule. Next, you’ll need to select the trigger for the rule. In this case, we want the rule to trigger when a contact’s Pardot score changes.

Now you’ll need to select the action that will occur when the trigger is fired. In this case, we want to update a field in Salesforce. To do this, select “Update a Field in Salesforce” from the action drop-down.

Finally, you’ll need to specify the Salesforce field that you want to update, and the value that you want to set it to. In this case, we’re going to update the “Pardot Score” field on the contact detail page.

Now that you’ve created your automation rule, it will automatically update the Salesforce field whenever a contact’s Pardot score changes. This can be a huge time-saver, and it ensures that your Salesforce data is always up-to-date.

Other related questions:

How do you set up an automation rule in Pardot?

To set up an automation rule in Pardot, go to the Automation section and click on the “Add Rule” button.

How do Salesforce and Pardot work together?

Salesforce and Pardot work together by integrating Pardot with Salesforce CRM. This allows users to see Pardot data within their Salesforce account, and take advantage of Pardot’s powerful marketing automation features directly from Salesforce.

What is an action you can take with an automation rule?

With an automation rule, you can take actions such as sending an email, creating a task, or creating a contact.

Which two Salesforce objects does Pardot directly sync with?

Salesforce leads and contacts

Salesforce accounts and opportunities


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