How to use ui automation viewer?


Aug 20, 2022

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Ui automation viewer is a great tool that can help you automate your tests. You can use it to record your test cases, and then playback the recorded test cases. Ui automation viewer can also be used to create new test cases.

Other related questions:

How do I use UI Automator viewer?

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as the usage of UI Automator viewer will vary depending on what you are using it for. However, some tips on using UI Automator viewer include using it to inspect the UI of an Android app for testing purposes, or to view and analyze the layout of an app’s UI.

How do I set up Uiautomatorviewer?

There are a few ways to do this, but the most common way is to use the Android SDK Manager.

1. In the Android SDK Manager, select the Tools > Manage Add-on Sites menu item.
2. In the Add-on Sites dialog, click the User Defined Sites tab.
3. In the User Defined Sites dialog, click the New button.
4. In the New Add-on Site dialog, enter “” in the Location field and click the OK button.
5. In the Add-on Sites dialog, click the Close button.
6. In the Android SDK Manager, select the Extras > Uiautomatorviewer checkbox and click the Install packages… button.
7. In the Install Details dialog, click the Accept All radio button and click the Install button.
8. When the installation is complete, click the Finish button.

You should now be able to launch the Uiautomatorviewer by selecting the Tools > Uiautomatorviewer menu item.

How do you inspect element with UIAutomator?

You can use the UIAutomatorViewer tool to inspect the UI elements of an Android application. To open the tool:

1. On the device, open the Settings app.
2. Select Developer options.
3. Select Enable USB debugging.
4. Plug the device into your computer.
5. On the computer, open the Android SDK Manager.
6. In the Android SDK Manager, select Tools > Android SDK Tools.
7. In the Android SDK Tools package, select the checkbox for UIAutomatorViewer.
8. Click Install packages.
9. In the Android SDK Manager, click the X to close the package list.
10. On the computer, open the Android Studio.
11. In Android Studio, click Tools > Android > UIAutomatorViewer.
The UIAutomatorViewer tool should open.


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