Nest Automation is a home automation company that provides a variety of services to make your life easier. One of these services is the ability to detect when you are home and automatically turn on or off your Nest products. This is done using a variety of sensors that are placed around your home, such as motion sensors, door sensors, and window sensors. Nest Automation also uses your home’s Wi-Fi network to detect when your phone is near your home, so it can automatically turn on your Nest products when you arrive home.

Other related questions:

How does Nest determine if you are home?

Nest uses a combination of factors to decide if someone is home, including:

-The Nest app: If you have the Nest app open on your phone, tablet or laptop, we’ll assume you’re home.
-The Nest Learning Thermostat: If the Nest Learning Thermostat is set to Home or Away, we’ll assume that’s how you’re feeling.
-The Nest Protect: If the Nest Protect detects smoke or carbon monoxide, we’ll assume you’re not home and turn off the Nest Thermostat.
-Your phone’s location: If your phone is connected to the Nest app and is in the house, we’ll assume you’re home.
-The Nest app history: If you’ve been home recently based on your Nest app history, we’ll assume you’re still home.
-The Nest app settings: You can set up rules in the Nest app to tell us when you’re usually home or away.

Can Nest Thermostat tell when you’re coming home?

Yes, the Nest Thermostat can use your phone’s location to know when you’re coming home and adjust the temperature accordingly.

How does Nest detect you are away?

Nest uses a combination of sensors to detect when you’re away, including the proximity sensor in your phone, the activity sensors in Nest Protect, and the Nest app’s location services.

Why does my Nest Thermostat say I am away when I am home?

There are a few possible reasons for this:

– The Nest Thermostat may be detecting that you are away based on your location. Make sure that your location services are turned on and that the Nest app has access to your location.

– The Nest Thermostat may be detecting that you are away based on your activity. If the Nest Thermostat is not detecting any activity in your home for a period of time, it will assume that you are away.

– The Nest Thermostat may be detecting that you are away based on the schedule you have set. If you have set a schedule that has your home marked as being away at certain times, the Nest Thermostat will follow that schedule.

If you are still seeing the away message even when you are home, you can try resetting your Nest Thermostat. To do this, press and hold the Nest Thermostat ring for about 10 seconds until you see the message “Welcome, please follow the instructions.”


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