What does seismic marketing automation?


Sep 18, 2022

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Seismic is a marketing automation tool that helps businesses automate their marketing activities. It can be used to create and track marketing campaigns, segment customers, and track customer engagement. Seismic can also be used to create custom marketing reports and dashboards.

Other related questions:

What is Seismic software used for?

Seismic software is used to study and analyze seismic data in order to better understand the Earth’s interior. Seismologists use seismic software to create models of the Earth’s interior, which can be used to study how earthquakes occur and to predict where future earthquakes might happen.

Who does Seismic sell to?

Seismic primarily sells to large enterprises.

How does Seismic work with Salesforce?

Seismic integrates with Salesforce in order to provide users with a complete view of their customer relationships. Seismic allows users to access their customer data, including contact information, account history, and recent activity, from within Salesforce. Additionally, Seismic provides users with the ability to create and manage their customer relationships within Salesforce.

Is Seismic legit?

Yes, Seismic is a legit company.


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