A security zone is an area of your home that you want to keep secure, such as a bedroom or a home office. You can set up a security zone by installing a security system that includes sensors and cameras.

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What is Zone in home security system?

A zone in a home security system refers to an area or section of the home that is protected by the security system. This can include any area that is covered by sensors or detectors, such as windows, doors, and rooms.

What are the 5 main zone types?

The five main types of zones are residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and mixed-use.

How many zones are in an alarm system?

Most alarm systems have at least two zones: one for the interior of the home or business, and one for the exterior. Some systems may have additional zones for specific areas, such as a basement or garage.

How do I bypass a zone on my home security system?

There is no surefire way to bypass a zone on a home security system, as each system is different. However, some tips that may work include disabling the zone completely, or tampering with the wiring to the point where the system is no longer able to detect a break in the circuit. Additionally, placing objects in front of sensors can sometimes trick the system into thinking that nothing is amiss.


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