A data driven automation framework is a test automation framework that uses data to drive the execution of test cases. The data is typically stored in a data file, such as an Excel spreadsheet, and is used to populate the fields of the test case. This approach can be used to create a large number of test cases with different data sets, which can then be executed in parallel to save time.

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What is data driven in automation testing?

There are many different ways to approach data-driven testing, but the general idea is to use data from a data source (like a database, spreadsheet, or text file) as input for your tests. This can be used to test things like how your software handles different data input, or to automatically generate a large number of test cases.

Is data driven test automation framework?

Yes, data-driven test automation framework is a type of software testing framework that uses data as input to drive the execution of test cases.

What is the data driven framework in Selenium?

There is no one “data driven framework” in Selenium. However, many people use the term to refer to a framework where test data is read from external sources (usually files) instead of being hard-coded into the test scripts. This allows for easier maintenance of the test scripts, as well as the ability to run the same test scripts with different data sets.

What is BDD and data driven framework?

BDD is a behavioral-driven development methodology that focuses on specifying the behavior of an application before writing the actual code.

Data-driven testing is a software testing technique in which test cases are executed using data from a data source, such as a database.


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