What is test automation accelerator?


Aug 13, 2022

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Test automation accelerator is a software that helps you automate the process of testing software applications. It is a great tool for reducing the time and effort needed to manually test software. Automating the testing process can help you improve the accuracy of your tests and ensure that they are repeatable.

Other related questions:

What is meant by test automation?

Test automation is the process of automating the execution of test cases. Test automation can be used to automate the testing of a wide variety of software, including applications, web services, and system programs.

What is the main purpose of test automation?

The main purpose of test automation is to save time and resources by automating the testing process. This can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the testing process, and can also allow testers to focus on more important tasks.

What is test automation with example?

Test automation is the process of automating the testing of a software application.

There are many different approaches to test automation, but the most common one is to use a software tool to automate the execution of test cases.

One example of a test automation tool is Selenium, which can be used to automate the testing of web applications.

What is accelerator framework?

The accelerator framework is a software library that provides a set of tools and services for developing and deploying high-performance applications.


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