What jobs use automation?


Sep 25, 2022

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In today’s job market, there are many positions that use automation. Some of these positions include:

• Assembly line workers in the manufacturing industry
• Food service workers in the hospitality industry
• Retail workers in the service industry
• Office workers in the clerical and administrative fields

The use of automation in these positions helps to improve efficiency and productivity, while reducing the need for human labor. This can lead to increased profits for businesses and lower prices for consumers.

Other related questions:

What kind of jobs can be automated?

Some jobs that can be automated are:
-Sending emails
-Scheduling social media posts
-Generating reports
-Data entry
-Customer service
-Order processing
-Inventory management

What jobs are susceptible to automation?

Some jobs that are susceptible to automation include:

-Assembly line work
-Packing and shipping
-Data entry

What jobs will survive automation?

Some jobs will definitely survive automation. For example, jobs that require creativity, empathy, or social interaction will probably be safe, as will jobs that are physically demanding or dangerous. Other jobs may be partially or fully automated, but there will always be a need for human oversight or intervention.


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