There are a number of tasks that can be automated with Puppet, including installation and configuration of software, files, and services; management of user accounts; and more. In general, any task that can be scripted can be automated with Puppet.

Other related questions:

What is Puppet automation used for?

Puppet automates the task of keeping track of changes to server configurations, and can help enforce desired state configurations.

How do you automate with Puppet?

Puppet is a tool that can help you automate the configuration and management of your servers. It can help you provision new servers, and keep your existing servers up-to-date.

Is Puppet DevOps automation tool?

Puppet is a configuration management and automation tool that can be used for DevOps purposes.

What are the advantages of using Puppet Forge?

Some advantages of using Puppet Forge include being able to find, install, and manage modules easily; having a large repository of high-quality modules to choose from; and being able to work with modules from the Puppet community.


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