Traditionally, the two languages used for automation have been Perl and Python. Perl is a powerful scripting language that is often used for system administration tasks, while Python is a more general-purpose language that is popular for development tasks.

Other related questions:

Which language is often used for rapid prototyping and the creation of GUIs?

There is no one language that is considered the best for rapid prototyping or creating GUIs. However, some popular choices for rapid prototyping languages include Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. For creating GUIs, popular choices include C++, Java, and Qt.

What type of software permits free temporary use followed by?

There are a few types of software that permit free temporary use followed by a paid subscription. Some examples include video streaming services, video editing software, and photo editing software.

Which is a characteristic of high level languages?

High level languages are usually more portable than low level languages.


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