There are a few types of businesses that will not use robotics or automation. These businesses are typically ones that require a human touch, such as restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. Other businesses that may not use robotics or automation are those that are too small to justify the expense, or those that have a very specific niche that cannot be easily replicated by a machine.

Other related questions:

What jobs are not likely to automated?

Some jobs are less likely to be automated than others. For example, jobs that require frequent interaction with people, such as customer service representatives, are less likely to be automated than jobs that involve more repetitive tasks, such as data entry.

Where can robots not be used?

There are many places where robots cannot be used, such as in areas where there is a risk of explosion or where there is a risk of contamination.

What industries will be most affected by automation?

Some of the most likely candidates for automation are jobs that are repetitive, dangerous, or low-paying. Jobs in manufacturing and agriculture are particularly vulnerable, as are service sector jobs like retail and food service.

What industries will be taken over by robots?

Some experts predict that robots will eventually take over many jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, and other sectors. They also believe that robots will increasingly be used in healthcare, transportation, and other areas.


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