There are a few different types of cabling that can be used for home network automation. The most common type of cabling is Ethernet, which is used to connect computers and other devices to the internet. Ethernet is also used to connect devices to each other, such as printers and scanners. Wireless networking is another option that can be used for home network automation. Wireless networking uses radio waves to connect devices to each other and to the internet. Bluetooth is a type of wireless networking that is often used to connect devices such as keyboards, mice, and headsets to computers and other devices.

Other related questions:

What are the 3 types of cables used to connect network devices?

1. Ethernet cable

2. Coaxial cable

3. Fiber optic cable

Which cable is used for network cabling?

The most common type of cable used for network cabling is twisted pair cable. This type of cable consists of two insulated wires that are twisted around each other.

What type of Ethernet cable should I run in my house?

There are many types of Ethernet cable, but the most common type is CAT5e. CAT5e is a good choice for most homes because it is relatively inexpensive and can support speeds up to 100Mbps.


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