There are a few reasons you might want to use an Action class in your Selenium automation:

-You need to perform multiple actions in succession, such as moving your mouse to one element and then clicking it.
-You need to perform an action that is not built into Selenium, such as double-clicking an element.
-You want to add a pause in between actions.

Action classes provide a way to bundle together a series of actions into a single unit. This can make your code more readable and easy to maintain. Plus, if you need to perform the same series of actions multiple times, you can just reuse the Action class rather than having to write the code again.

Other related questions:

What is difference between actions and action class in Selenium?

Action is an interface which is implemented by the Action class. It is used to perform low-level operations such as mouse movements, clicks, etc.

Action class is a class which implements the Action interface. It contains methods which perform the low-level operations.

How do you use the Actions class?

The Actions class is used to perform actions on elements in a web page.

Why do we have use build () and perform () with the action object?

The Action class provides two methods for performing an action: build() and perform(). The build() method allows you to specify the configuration for the action, such as the URL, parameters, and headers. The perform() method actually performs the action.

What is the use of action commands?

Action commands are usually used to trigger an action in the application, such as opening a new window or saving a file.


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