The reason for the automation error in marketing cloud is most likely due to a conflict between the automation studio and the contact builder. Contact builder is used to create and manage contacts in marketing cloud, while automation studio is used to automate email marketing campaigns. It’s possible that the two platforms are not compatible with each other, which is causing the error.

Other related questions:

Where can you find error information for activities in Automation Studio?

There is no specific location for error information for activities in Automation Studio. However, you can check the activity logs for any errors that may have occurred during the execution of the activity.

How do I stop automation in Marketing Cloud?

There is no way to stop automation in Marketing Cloud.

What is triggered automation in Marketing Cloud?

Triggered automation is a type of automation that is initiated based on specific events or conditions, such as a subscriber opening an email or clicking on a link.

How do I run automation in Marketing Cloud?

There are a few ways to run your automation in Marketing Cloud. You can use the Automation Studio to set up and run your automation. You can also use the Journey Builder to create and run your automation.


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