Ethernet is the standard for networking in industrial automation. It is preferred over serial protocols because it is faster and can carry more data. Ethernet is also more robust and can be more easily extended to longer distances.

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Which protocol is suitable for industrial automation?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best protocol for industrial automation applications will vary depending on the specific requirements of the system. However, some of the most popular protocols for industrial automation applications include Modbus, Profibus, and EtherCAT.

What are industrial Ethernet networks used for?

Industrial Ethernet networks are used for a variety of applications, including factory automation, process control, and machine-to-machine communication.

What is the other key reason for the adoption of industrial Ethernet?

There are several reasons for the adoption of industrial Ethernet, including the need for higher data rates, the need for deterministic performance, and the desire to move away from proprietary protocols.

What is Ethernet Industrial Protocol?

Ethernet Industrial Protocol (EIP) is a communication protocol used in industrial automation. It is based on the Ethernet standard and allows devices to communicate with each other using standard Ethernet hardware and software.


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