If you’re wondering why there’s volume automation when importing tracks into Pro Tools 12, it’s because Pro Tools 12 is designed to give you more control over the levels of your tracks. By automatically adjusting the volume of imported tracks, Pro Tools 12 ensures that each track is at the optimal level for your project. This gives you the ability to fine-tune the levels of each track individually, or globally, for the perfect mix.

Other related questions:

How do I remove all automation from a track in Pro Tools?

To remove all automation from a track in Pro Tools, first solo the track. Then, go to the Automation menu and choose Clear All Automation.

What is volume automation in Pro Tools?

Volume automation is the process of automating the level (volume) of a track or group of tracks in Pro Tools. This can be helpful in a number of situations, such as when you want the level of a track to fade in or out, or when you want to create a “pumping” effect by automating the level of a track up and down.

How do I change automation volume in Pro Tools?

There are a few ways that you can change the automation volume in Pro Tools. One way is to go into the Track View and click on the “Volume” button. This will bring up the automation track for the volume. You can then click and drag the automation points to change the volume.

Another way to change the automation volume is to use the pencil tool. Select the pencil tool and then click on the volume track where you want to create an automation point. You can then click and drag the point to change the volume.

You can also change the automation volume by using the track faders. Go into the Track View and make sure that the “Faders” button is selected. Then, simply click and drag the track fader to change the volume.

How do I toggle automation in Pro Tools?

First, make sure that the track you want to automate is record-enabled. If it is not, click on the Record Enable button in the Track Control Panel.

Now, open the Automation window by going to Window > Automation.

In the Automation window, you will see a list of the different automation modes that are available in Pro Tools. To toggle automation on and off for a track, simply click on the automation mode you want to use.

When automation is turned on, you will see the automation faders appear in the mixer. If you do not see the automation faders, make sure that the Automation Mode is set to Read in the Automation window.


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