Option explicit is a fundamental concept in VBA programming that ensures all variables are declared before they are used. This concept helps to prevent errors, ensures code is easier to read and maintain, and can make code run faster.

When option explicit is not used, variables are automatically created when they are first referenced. This can lead to typos and other errors, as well as making code more difficult to read and understand. In addition, undeclared variables take up more memory than declared variables, which can slow down code execution.

For these reasons, it is always best practice to use option explicit at the top of every VBA module. Doing so will make your code more reliable, easier to read and maintain, and potentially faster.

Other related questions:

What is the use of option explicit in UFT?

Option Explicit is a directive that requires all variables to be declared before they can be used.

Do you need Option Explicit?

Option Explicit is not required, but it is considered good programming practice to use it. Option Explicit requires that all variables be declared before they can be used.


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